Celebrating Estepona: Finalist for the 2023 European City of the Year Award
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Celebrating Estepona: Finalist for the 2023 European City of the Year Award

We recently wrote about Estepona, the jewel of Spain's Costa del Sol, having proudly emerged as the sole Spanish town competing for the esteemed 2023 European City of the Year Award.

Recognised for its remarkable transformation and commitment to sustainability, Estepona stands as a modern, sustainable town of European significance.

In July, Estepona was exclusively selected as the sole Spanish town to compete for the accolade. This prestigious recognition is bestowed by The Academy of Urbanism, an impartial non-profit organization dedicated to endorsing towns and cities that exhibit exemplary practices in urban planning and sustainability.

Estepona's Mayor, José María García Urbano, recently welcomed the assessment committee from The Academy of Urbanism, which handpicked Estepona as the lone Spanish contender vying for the title of European City of the Year 2023. The other two finalists in the competition are Amersfoort (Netherlands) and Exeter (United Kingdom).

Mayor García Urbano expounded upon the remarkable transformation and modernization that Estepona has undergone over the past decade. A number of initiatives and projects that aim to improve the town's overall quality of life and well-being have marked this transformation.

Members of the Academy of Urbanism conducted a comprehensive tour of various locations within Estepona. They noted Estepona's inclusion among the final three contestants was attributed to its ambitious project to pedestrianise the old town, the initiative to connect the entire coastline through the coastal corridor, the innovative network of public car parks priced at just one euro per day, and the town's commitment to culture, exemplified by facilities like Mirador El Carmen and initiatives such as the Route of Artistic Murals.

Furthermore, the Academy of Urbanism commended Estepona's bold commitment to enhancing the quality of life through its project known as 'Estepona, Garden of the Costa del Sol'.

Mayor José María García Urbano expressed his profound satisfaction that a globally respected and independent organisation like 'The Academy of Urbanism' has taken notice of Estepona's significant transformation and sustainability progress. Estepona is now recognised as a benchmark at the European level for a modern, sustainable town that prioritises quality of life and environmental preservation.

It's worth noting that previous recipients of this prestigious award include cities such as Bilbao, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Berlin, Edinburgh, and Rotterdam.

As we await the announcement of the winner, we extend our warm welcome to visitors and investors from around the world. We invite you to discover the unique charm and opportunities that Estepona offers. To explore Estepona's property market and investment opportunities, please don't hesitate to contact the dedicated team at Iberia Living.

Stay tuned for updates on Estepona's journey towards becoming the European City of the Year in 2023!

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