Estepona Leads the Way in Sustainability: Pioneering Costa del Sol's First Low-Emission Zone
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Estepona Leads the Way in Sustainability: Pioneering Costa del Sol's First Low-Emission Zone

Nestled along the picturesque Costa del Sol, Estepona is setting a new standard for environmental responsibility and sustainability. Estepona proudly stands as the trailblazer, becoming the very first town along this sun-soaked coastline to establish a Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

Estepona's LEZ, recently endorsed in the Official State Bulletin (BPOE), represents not just a milestone but a resolute commitment to environmentally conscious urban planning. The primary objective? To champion sustainable transportation options while restricting access to the most environmentally harmful vehicles.

This transformative initiative will be implemented before the year's end, unfolding in three progressive phases. In this inaugural phase, slated for launch this year, the city centre will be accessible only to vehicles with an environmental label between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Indeed, it's a bold step, but Estepona has even more ambitious plans. By 2024, the city will entirely restrict the entry of such vehicles, allowing them access only during specific hours if they bear a "B" sticker from the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT). And by 2025, the regulations will encompass vehicles sporting just the "C" sticker from the DGT.

Estepona City Council reassures citizens and visitors alike, stating, "This delineation ensures and guarantees traffic flow through the LEZ via Avenida Andalucía and Avenida San Lorenzo, so mobility within the municipality remains unimpeded on these key routes, unaffected by the constraints of the Low Emission Zone."

Of course, every rule has its exceptions. Estepona understands this, and there will be exemptions from these restrictions.

Local vehicles, those delivering essential goods, all vehicles bound for public parking, and visitors heading to hotels will enjoy exceptions, ensuring a balanced approach to this groundbreaking environmental initiative.

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